1-800 Directory
Listings of 800 numbers for lotsa companies.

99 Dogs
Design your own t-shirt; make just one or sell them in bulk.

Acacia - Opinion from a targeted website

Acacia's Patents
These are the streaming-content patents that Acacia refers to in their attempts to scare tiny internet companies into paying them money. If Acacia is harassing your company, visit http://www.impai.org .

AllTheWeb.com Advanced Search Page

AltaVista Translation Page

Search for a listing by name, business, or business type. U.S.A.

Area Code Database
Look up telephone area codes.

Cafe Press
Publish your own book, one copy at a time. Design a t-shirt, to sell one or many.

Copyright and Intellectual Property in Cyberspace
Article by Karen L. Kranack.

"America's best political newsletter."

Country Abbreviations List

Crazy Browser
Free browser. Cleans your trail (your history), blocks ads and popups. Ironically, site has one entry popup ad.

Crystal Meth
BDSMer's interesting article about crystal methamphetamine.

Currency Exchange Rates - Calculator

Current Time
Coolest online clock ever.

Diamond International
Diamond has a pile of adult sites, and this is their company site. But I really wonder, is the political environment so volatile that we should start pretending that our adult companies are "mainstream" companies?

Don't Amend .com
Support the concept of our government acknowledging either all couples' unions or none... not just some.

Entangled Web
Website hosting for bondage sites, fetish sites, adult sites, by my favorite 'computer nerd' Craig.

Glenn C Feron - The Art of Retouching
Examples of photoshopping. Primarily increasing saturation, increasing contrast, and airbrushing.

Google Search Engine

Google Spam-Listings Report
Googled something and got a spammy result? Report the sites that have fake listings.

Hate Windows XP? Beat it into submission

Handy program that erases your surfing history. Good idea to conceal your favorite URLs from any minors in the house who share your computer.

HTML email is a bad idea
Send this link to people who send you HTML email!

If you need a private online email account, this is the best one. When you send mail out, Hushmail erases your return IP address so that the receiver can't figure out what city/state/country you live in. Yahoo and Hotmail do NOT protect your IP address! Oh and if you get Hush's premium service, you can store your favorite photos online instead of in your hard drive. (Good if your family is also using your computer.)

Kink Partner
Kink-friendly and kink-knowledgeable web development company providing industry standard web development, graphic design and software for alternative adult communities.


Link Alarm
Checks your site for broken links. Click the free-trial to check a webpage.

Lorelei's page at Model Mayhem
Photographer profile.

Los Angeles Guide
Adult listings, services, bdsm clubs, etc.

Publish your own book, one copy at a time. Upload images to sell for graphics use. Create your own calendar and sell one or many.

Mail 2 Web!
Check your email, or send email from your favorite email account, via this website. Traveling and can't get to your personal computer or your work computer? You can just peek at the email (and it stays untouched so that you can download it when you get home) or if you want, you can delete specific messages.

Find a location, get directions, give directions to friends... it's great!

Model Guide
Tips on being a fetish model or other kinds of models. Articles by Jillian Ann.

Modeling Industry: Free Insiders Report

Modeling Profession FAQ

Modeling: Experiences in the Industry

Modelling: Personal Safety

Models - Don't Get Breast Implants Because...
Essay by Brian Tarsis.*

Moderation Management
Non-religious program as an alternative to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). List of non-religious programs: National Recovery (RR), Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART), Women For Sobriety (WFS), Men For Sobriety (MFS), Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS), Moderation Management (MM).

National Mail Voter Registration Form
Here you can download the National Mail Voter Registration Form, which is the one document that allows you to register to vote from anywhere in the United States.

Do you want to be able to sell stuff through the mail, or online, and you aren't a big enough company to get a merchant account? This service is super easy, you plug in your products and it makes an automatic order form with everything on it, and PartyKey sends you 90%.

Reverse phone number lookup, area codes etc.

Photoshopping - examples
Interesting before-and-after images.

Reverse Address and Reverse Phone Directory
Put in a phone number to find out who called you and from where. If you're a webmaster, you can use the reverse address form to input and address and check a customer's name.

Public interactive site. Interesting reading! Scams of all kinds and how to recognize them.

SigAlert Traffic Reports
Amazing details about current traffic, back-ups and accidents in your area.

Sigman Engineering
This guy can write you custom programs, custom code, etc. for running your website.

Speedtest Your Internet Connection

Design your own t-shirts.

The Black Book Project
Resources and listings for models to find work. Site by Jillian Ann.

The Internet Archive
See what certain websites looked like 2 years ago, 5 years ago, etc.!

The Internet Archive: BedroomBondage.com's history

The Internet Health Report
You're surfing a site and suddenly the download slows to a snail's pace. What's wrong? Is it that site? Your provider? Or is there something wrong with one of the major internet hubs? Find out what's going on with the internet at large by visiting this handy chart. Problem areas light up in red.

Trace Sites at NetworkTools.com
Trying to reach a site that doesn't have an email address? Wondering who's behind a site that keeps sending you email spam? Use this page to track by website address or IP#.

U.S. Time Zones
Good reference page, though beware of pop-ups.

Under Construction
Your website is constantly evolving... so do you need one of these "under construction" icons?

Why I Left AOL

Wicked Talent
Talent site listing goth/alternative/BDSM models, performers, makeup artists, photographers, etc.

Wildcard Domain Shopping
See what domain variations are still available for your name, company name etc.

Word Count
Free page where you can get a quick word count of your story or document.

World Time Zones
Great reference page.

Yahoo Groups Abuse-Report Form

Yahoo Groups Guidelines

Yahoo Terms of Service

Zip Code LookUp
USPS zip code database -- search by zip to find the city/state or search by city/state to find the zip.


Damsel Shop bondage dvds and videos

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