404 Research Lab
Funny "file not found" page messages.

Art collective creating films, performance art, and photography with themes of bent sexuality.

Alex's Funny Bone
My little dog has her own website. Goofy doggie pics.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
See footage of the original fractured-English video game that spawned this expression, plus a visually unique sequence of spoof images playing on the original phrase.

BDSM Bad Advice
"The one true way" of BDSM is hilariously torn down. Cartoons, comics, humor, satire, punchlines, one-liners, jokes, funny, spoof, goofy, hilarious stuff.*

Bedroom Bondage?
One too many other websites trying to use the term "bedroom bondage" to get visitors. lol!*

Big Red Button
Click, click, click...

If you're bored, bored, bored, and don't know where to go next on the 'net, try this list of funny and weird links.

Best section is "Bannertown".

I just love this site design! How cute!

"Dialectize" a website into Pig-Latin, Moron, Redneck, and more!

Don't turn the other cheek. Sing Show Tunes.
Really amazing blog entry.

File Not Found at Eskimo.com
Really funny if you're a Monty Python fan.

FULP Fiction
Cartoon damsels, smirky detective, evil ladies in slinky catsuits... woo hoo!

Gag a Damsel online
Use your mouse to drag a gag or blindfold onto this drawn damsel.

Gay Marriage

This is good fun! The site scours Google to pull descriptions of people or places... try typing in your hometown and see what it says. LOL!

Hamlet - with stickfigures
Hamlet with stick figures and chatroom lingo. omfg, roflmao.

Heartless Bitches International

Horsie Quartet

Jump The Shark
When exactly did your favorite TV show start to go downhill? This site actually keeps lists. Contribute your own opinion too.

Kwoon TV
Goofy episodes mix Kung Fu action with amateur acting, slapstick, swimsuit models and more. See it online and then buy the DVD! I just can't stop laughing when I watch this stuff!

Lost in Translation
Have fun not making sense!

Matazone: The Other Side
Watch the cartoons about the kitties (Mittens and Snowdrop)... it gets KINKY!

Moronic behavior and quotes from the news and current events.

Mr. Winkle
Cutest dog in the universe... or is it some kind of mutant living teddy bear?

Naked Men
Just silly. Not porn.

Porn Not Found

This is a DIFFERENT Lorelei, not me! Lorelei Shannon: horror writer, game author, goth chick.*

Psycho Bondage Bunnies - Game
I don't usually play online games, but this one you have to play in order to see the hilarious BDSM/bondage oriented drawings.

Rate My Kitten!
Very relaxing! Lots of sweet little kitties doing funny things!

Romeo and Juliet - with stickfigures
All dialogue is in chat lingo. Laugh-out-loud funny.

Little automated face that says the words you put in its mouth. Cute and funny... will it sell?

South Park crossbred with Bush vs. Gore

Spirit of the Wood
The art of Larry Nielson.

Squirrel Fishing
It isn't what you think. No squirrels were harmed in the making of this experiment. :)

Subservient Chicken
Free site. Man in chicken suit on cam will do what you order him to do! Fun to show co-workers. :)

Forums on all sorts of topics. Plus you can run your own forum there, for free!

The Onion
Laugh-out-loud hilarious. A truly unique comic look at current events and "news" reporting.

The Schumin Web
A unique look into the life of an eccentric college student. Includes photo essays, writings, Web Cam views, extensive archives, and more.

The X-Rated Bible
Not a "fun" site but if you're looking for something to engage you for a while, this will definitely give you something to read. Intense writer...!

This is the end of the Internet
This was the FIRST last page.

Thor Rolls a Joint

Toothpaste for Dinner
These cartoons are HILARIOUS! :)

Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog
Wheeeeeee! Great pics and vid clips.

When Come Back Bring Pie
Source of a popular phrase.


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