A Woman's Right to Pornography
Online book.

Academic Study shows More Porn = Less Crime
"...The four states with the lowest Internet access showed a 53% aggregate per capita increase in rape, while the four states with the highest Internet access showed a 27% decrease in incidence of rape..." For details click link.

Academic Study shows More Porn = Less Crime
"...The four states with the lowest Internet access showed a 53% aggregate per capita increase in rape, while the four states with the highest Internet access showed a 27% decrease in incidence of rape..." For details click link.

Are Sexual Fantasies Good For Us?
"Some sexual fantasies are fun and satisfying. Others may trouble us a lot. 9 questions to help determine if a sexual fantasy may be causing problems." Good article, although I don't think item #3 should be a problem if it's just fantasy. :)

Are You Sexually Normal, and Does That Matter?
Article by M. Klein Ph.D.

Dr. William Fitzgerald: Advice Column
A woman asked the Dr. for feedback regarding her interest in sexual force. Article that used to be at Queendom.com.

Erotic Talk
Includes list of common fantasies. also interesting notes about phone sex work. Presented by Sexuality.org.

Fantasy Role-Playing
"You can play a role that is totally opposite from the way you normally are. Or it may be the real you that's just dying to come out. Either way sexual fantasy role-playing offers infinite possibilities..."

Feminism and Free Speech: Porn Myths
At the "Feminists for Free Expression" website.

Force Fantasies Discussion
An interesting dialogue amongst readers regarding force fantasy in a story.

Force in Women's Sexual Fantasies
Article from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, reporting results of a study. Summary: (1) virtually every woman reported engaging in sexual fantasy on a regular basis, (2) more than half the subjects reported having engaged in a force fantasy, (3) those reporting force fantasies scored as less sexually guilty and more erotophilic than those not reporting such fantasies. Those reporting force fantasies also had more sexual experience and engaged in more fantasizing of the nonforce type than the other subjects. A history of exposure to sexual force or coercion was unrelated to the report of force fantasies.

Force Scenes (roleplay discussion)
Gloria-Brame.com - Interesting dialogue of posts from various folks about roleplaying force fantasies. Other connected fetishes discussed too.*

Geekette Q: The Kink Conversation

Human Brain Loves Surprise (article)
Pleasure can be heightened if it's unexpected! Maybe that's why I like to be suddenly grabbed and thrown on the bed! Tee hee.

Is porn a catalyst of sexual violence? No
Article - Chicago Tribune

Men's and Women's Fantasies
Article title suggests this is about the gender differences in fantasies, but that part of the article oversimplifies, I think. The article then discusses situations of revealing our fantasies to our partners, and the effects of such dialogue, which is an interesting issue.

Notes on Erotic Role-Playing
"Role-playing involves a certain kind of fantasy, and a certain relationship to that fantasy. It requires a conscious acknowledgment of the fantasy; furthermore, it involves sharing that fantasy with a partner..." Article by Marty Klein, Ph.D.

Out of the Shadows
Text of an online moderated discussion about forced sex roleplay and similar scenes.

Perverse Fantasies More Common Than Thought
"More normal people report having perverse sexual fantasies, and new studies suggest that even violent fantasies are surprisingly common."

Perverse Fantasies: You're Not Alone
"Some have concern and confusion over having an intensely sexual and repetitive fantasy." Understand yourself and feel better.

Porn Calms Seniors

Readers Rif on Political Correctness
Romance novel fans discuss the issue of 'forced seduction' fantasies, how forced sex is presented in their genre, and other reality/fantasy conflicts in political correctness. From "Laurie's News & Views" at LikeBooks.com.

Relevant Forum Thread at Bianca.com
Add your voice of reason to this discussion of force roleplay. (Don't bother to read the posts from Anonymous, though.)

Safest Sex
Article about sexual fantasy, and differences between genders in how they fantasize.

Sexual Fantasies: Are They Dangerous?
Just because a fantasy has negative content, doesn't mean it's bad for you. It's how you use it in real life that makes it bad or good.

Sexual Fantasies: Friend or Foe?
Another article with a misleading title. Actually, the subject of this short article is, the issue of whether to ACT on a fantasy (try to experience it in real life). Unfortunately, it only discusses full-out enactment -- it would have been better if the article had also discussed the possibility of role-playing. Roleplaying can be very cathartic.

Sexual Fantasies: The Science of Sex
Study by Glenn Wilson. Includes statistics.

Sexual Fantasy
Great article geared toward female readers. Presented by The-Clitoris.com.

Tide Turns (More Porn Doesn't Equal More Rape)
Article. "One theory about the causes of rape, however, has been thoroughly demolished. Among religious conservatives and left-wing feminists, it's an article of faith that pornography leads inexorably to sexual abuse of women and children. But while hard-core raunch has proliferated, sexual assaults have not. Could it be that pornography prevents rape?"

Uncomfortable Fantasies
Interesting, detailed article regarding fantasies, roleplay etc.

What is Consensual Alternative Sexual Expression?
Good explanation, on this page at National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Women's Top 10 Sexual Fantasies
10. Strangers 9. Groups 8. Domming 7. Exhibition 6. Being dommed 5. Lesbian sex ...can you guess women's #1 most-common sexual fantasy?


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